Grid (Moria) is a sixteen panel flatscreen installation, a study of Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos: its architecture, anthropology, and details of the squalid conditions within the camp's security walls & barbed wire. This work was begun in early 2016 and completed a year later in early 2017, after the camp had been burned twice in protest by refugees interned within. The camp is a flashpoint in the European refugee crisis, a place where many have died in massively inadequate conditions that resemble a concentration camp. Populated by about 5,000 refugees fleeing war, persecution, climate change, & food and water shortages in countries from Afghanistan to Eritrea, Pakistan to Mali, Syria and Iraq. Current conditions are dire and several have died of hypothermia since the start of the year. Refugees living here have lost hope, as they cannot leave the island and are in a state of indefinite limbo. This piece was made using a robotic, motion control tripod system, and edited rather like a musical round — each screen is playing back the same piece of footage at different intervals.
Thanks to Wasim Ghrioui and Daphne Tolis for help setting up and capturing this material.